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Patient Testimonials


"What can I say? I walked in and was welcomed by Susan. She knew I was nervous and was just so friendly, it truly helped my nerves. Then, as I walked into my room, I started crying as soon as I sat in my chair and looked up at Dorina. (Yes, I completely freaked out and lost it) She was so sweet and remained calm as I let it out. I was so overwhelmed and scared about all the bad things I've heard about root canals. She calmly explained to me the entire process and it helped me wrap my head around it. Dr. Kaykha came in and as she talked to me, my fears just went away and I trusted her. She explained the process as she did it and before I knew it, the first appt was over. I felt really stupid for breaking down into hysterics, but apparently its sort of normal, haha. There was no pain and I mean NO PAIN!!! Even the shot was painless. This woman is so amazing!!

The second appt came and they were amazed at my complete turnaround. I was calm and ready to complete the process. Btw, a root canal on a back molar with very curvy nerves is not easy for anyone! But I handled it like a champ and thanks to Dr. Kaykha and her fabulous staff, I made it through. It was awesome to get check up calls too and to tell me what I was feeling was normal. Great staff!!

I would highly recommend her and although I dont want to have to get another Root Canal, im no longer afraid of them and I will only come here."

"Dr Lily Kaykha, I would like to thankyou and your amazing and awesome staff, for helping me get through my root canal. I apppreciate your kind, caring words in helping me get through this painful time. I was not the best patient, but all of you were there to reassure me. I appreciate the follow up phone calls as well. With heartfelt THANKS and appreciation I am truly grateful."

Cathy Horton

"Dr. Kaykha, I want to say thank you for making my dental procedure so easy for me. You and your staff made the entire experience actually pleasant; from getting me in so soon on such short notice, to the care in the chair and the lack of any discomfort after the procedure. I left your office with a very positive feeling. You were all so very professional that I, almost, hope I get to see you again."

Thank you!!
Mike Bobay

"I was very satisfied with my recent endodontic experience with you. I was impressed with your knowledge, patient care and professionalism. The unique part of your practice compared with others was that you allowed my son in law in the room and diligently explained the entire procedure (e.g. pros-cons) to both of us, especially since you probably thought it was best since I may be forgetful at times (lol). Additionally, you also didn't mind, and asked if a member of the family wished to remain in the room during the procedure, which can be very comforting to a patient. The fact that you and your assistants were very cordial and kept the family informed was a plus. Even though the treatment required sometime in the chair, you were very attentive and concerned about my welfare, which I appreciated, since I do have a problem with my neck. I will definitely recommend you to friends and family and if the occasion should arise I would certainly choose you again."

Yours truly, 
Mel Gomes

"I was always afraid of the dentist and now I'm not because of Dr. Kaykha. She is a wonderful dentist with exceptional bedside manner. She is an expert in her field. She made me feel very comfortable and well cared for as did the rest of her staff. I will definitely return to her office in the future if need be. I would strongly recommend her to anyone and I am so happy that I was referred to her."

Kim Torres

"Thank you so much for your gentle service that you provided for my root canal. I had virtually no soreness and am on my way to a speedy recovery. I've told many people about my great experience at your office. I appreciated that you took the time to call and follow up with me the next day- a Saturday no less! You are truly a wonderful doctor. Thank you again!"

Tiffany Harbrecht

"Dr. Kaykha and Ladies (staff), Thank you for all being so kind, patient, and understanding for our appointment for Savannah. -Not everyone is!- Thank you for your kindness, understanding and professionalism."

Savannah Thomasy

"Dear Dr. Kaykha,
I am just now thinking about the fine root canal job you did for me, and thought I'd write a letter of appreciation. 

I was impressed by the tremendous amount of time and effort that you and your assistant spent doing the work, which I understand is to have been technically uncommon and difficult.

You didn't give up until the job was done, what seems to be hours later. I enjoyed being under your care. You and your assistant were very friendly and that helped a lot.

It's been several months now and the job is holding up very well. I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who needs this type of work." 

Thank you for everything,
Marvin Guillermo

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